Safeguard your organisation against data loss


What is Backup365?

Backup365® is the simple, secure backup solution for Microsoft 365 supporting Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Backup365 is the Australian cloud data backup solution to safeguard and secure business data from data loss due to cyber attacks, user errors or malicious intent. Backup365 is the must-have complementary solution for Microsoft 365.

Backup365 offers complete peace of mind that business data is retained securely for future retrieval.

How does Backup365 work?

Backup365® performs cloud data backups multiple times a day and securely stores it with AWS in Australia. ​

Backed up data is easily searched and quickly restored using the Backup365 Portal or Outlook Add-in.

Some of the Key Benefits Include:

Unintential Deletion:

While Office 365 provides a temporary(30 day) recycle bin, Backup365 stores every email for 10 years.

Malicious Deletion:

A person has left the organisation and made sure they deleted any evidence of wrongdoing prior to their departure….. Backup365 is untouchable, undeletable and GDPR Compliant.

Email Archive:

Backup365 allows the administrator to perform global searches across all company users’ calendars, contacts, and emails, with the ability to restore any specific items to a mailbox for analysis.

Outlook Add-in:

The Backup365 Outlook Add-in is a unique innovation that enables end users to access and restore data independently and quickly without the assistance of an IT provider or administrator.

Want to know more?

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