Why utilise cloud computing in your disaster recovery plan?

Cloud computing is becoming more and more of a standard in today’s business world. These days it is used as a buzz word and affixed to almost anything to make it sound new and exciting. But within all this overuse and hype surrounding the cloud it is sometimes difficult to see the real possibilities that cloud computing can offer you, especially so when thinking of what cloud computing can offer your Disaster Recovery (DR) plans.

It is becoming increasingly common for small to medium businesses to leverage cloud services for their DR. Often small to medium businesses don’t have the budgets to pay for large and safe DR solutions such as data centre space, on site infrastructure and maintenance of physical hardware. Having their DR solutions in the cloud reduces the need for ALL of these things meaning costs are significantly reduced. Additionally powerful options for disaster recovery that are generally only available to big business are now available to small and medium businesses.

Of course DR in the cloud has its own challenges, so here at Nettko we seek to educate and assist you to ensure any adoption of DR in the cloud is well understood and is as secure as possible. Having your data transferred and secured in a cloud space immediately conjures thoughts of security and keeping your companies data safe. Cloud solutions of course have a variety of technologies that make data storage as secure if not more secure than having your data stored in a physical location.

Benefits of DR on the cloud

Cost effectiveness
As mentioned above, having your DR placed in the cloud reduces a lot of overhead from your DR solution. This also opens up more options due to the increased budget.

Recovery times
If you are storing virtualised copies of your servers in the cloud, backups can happen in literal minutes instead of hours. In a traditional solution we would have to wait for new hardware to be setup, configured and finally rebuilt. Instead with the click of a few buttons you can have everything up and running in a matter of minutes.

Mitigation of “Act of god” events
Site fires, floods, power outages and other physical disasters are completely mitigated in a DR on the cloud solution. As the backups do not exist in a physical space and are instead out on the internet there is no risk of losing anything to an act of god type event.

What would a DR cloud solution look like?

One possible solution is when all your business’ applications exist on the cloud, all data exists on the cloud, and all backups exist on the cloud. Most businesses in this state have a third party (like us here at Nettko) managing all their cloud services creating a completely streamlined IT environment. Having all your assets centralised into a single location would usually be big no-no for DR solutions but within the cloud such an option makes perfect sense. In this state if any application or loss of data occurs it can be recovered almost instantaneously.

The cloud really expands what’s available to your business when considering disaster recovery and can grant you significant cost reductions and effective recovery solutions. It also enables you to explore DR options that were previously unavailable to you. Cloud computing and DR concerns are important topics so feel free to ask us your concerns and questions on our contact page here or have a chat with our friendly staff on 1300 NETTKO and let us tell you more!


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