Work with Nettko


Working together for customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of Nettko’s values. What the customer doesn’t know is that we work in a fun office with regular social activities, building team bonds.

The current team gets on fantastically and every new member has always been welcomed with open arms.




Often new team members are prevented from access to opportunities. Here at Nettko, the goal is to have you up to speed as soon as possible, so you have the same openings for growth as the rest of the team.

In our onboarding, we have thorough conversations to see how we can align Nettko’s career progression with your personal short and long-term goals.


We invest a lot in staff personal development. This takes the form of certifications (we are a Microsoft silver partner) and mentoring through projects that allow you to learn new skills.

We Value Your Input

Creativity is starved in micro-management. Our business processes allow for results through autonomy and creativity. It’s common practice for the team to be helping each other solve customer challenges more efficiently.